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Why Choose Jottan?

Safety is a top priority at Jottan. Our state-of-the-art safety programs allow us to maintain Experience Modification Rates (an OSHA-related safety standard) that are consistently 50 percent better than the roofing industry average, positioning us in the top 1/2 percent.

Emergency Leak Repair Service provides 24/7/365 emergency leak response within a 150 mile radius of our branch offices.

Scheduled Roof Maintenance extends the life of your roof and saves on larger costly repairs minimizing life cycle costs. Additionally, customized maintenance programs and surveys of existing conditions can help you plan annual maintenance budgets or semi-annual roofing inspections to meet insurance requirements.

Roof Asset Management Service provides our customers with the latest and most accurate information allowing them to effectively manage asset and budget decisions for single or multiple sites.


Existing Facilities profit from our comprehensive consulting services for energy audits, roof maintenance, repair and replacement needs, and development of project budgets, system designs and material selection for an energy efficient roofing system.

Infrared Scanning allows us to determine the extent of wet and damaged insulation within the existing roofing system in a non-destruction manner prior to re-roofing, as manufacturers require the removal of moist or deteriorated roof insulation.

New Construction installations are designed using the highest standards and best practices that have earned us the reputation and recognition as the region’s leading commercial roofing applicators. Our highly-trained craftsmen are skilled in both Low and Steep Slope conditions.

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Green and Eco

Most green roof surfaces stay cooler than conventional rooftops under summertime conditions leading to less heat transfer to the air above the roof helping to keep urban air temperatures lower as well.

Energy efficiency

Roofing materials with high solar reflective value can lower roof surface temperature, decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building and significantly reduce air conditioning costs.